• Senior Programming position with a progressive firm oriented towards top-level achievement in the area of human-PC interaction via the Internet. My contact information is at the bottom.
  • ACE Certified ColdFusion Developer
  • ColdFusion 11 and lower
    (20 years of professional experience)
  • CFC (ColdFusion Components)
    (Expert Level)
  • ColdFusion Administration
    (Strong Experience)
  • ColdFusion Web Services | Frameworks
    (Strong Experience)
  • ColdFusion Reporting
    (Dynamic Charts, PDFs and Spreadsheets)
  • JAVA | C++ | ASP.NET | VB.NET | C++
    (Advanced Programming Abilities)
  • JavaScript | AJAX | JQuery | Flash
  • MS SQL Database | Oracle 11g | DB2
  • Database Administration
    (Strong Experience)
  • Server Administration
    (Strong Experience)
  • IIS | Active Directory | MS Exchange
  • Process Maps | Flow Charts | Project Scope
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    (Strong Experience)
  • Backup Processes | Systems Technician
  • Problem-solving Abilities
    (Strong Experience)
  • Strong Oral and Written Communication Skills
  • Dreamweaver | Eclipse | Fireworks | Photoshop
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ColdFusion Programmer | State Of Idaho | Boise, ID. - Jul 2011 - Present
  • ColdFusion 9 (Database MSSQL). Upgraded and supported PERSI (Public Employee System of Idaho). The system maintained 70,000 end users with retirement accounts. I implemented a Fusebox 6.1 Framework and build secure applications using CFCs (ColdFusion Components).

ColdFusion Programmer | State Of Oregon | Salem, OR. - Dec 2010 - Jul 2011
  • ColdFusion 9 (DB2 in Main Frame and Fusebox 6.1 Framework). Upgraded the tax-input application for the internal staff to better suit their needs.

ColdFusion Programmer | Cayuse Technologies | Pendleton, OR. - Apr 2009 - Dec 2010
  • ColdFusion 9 (Oracle 11g and Fusebox 6.1 Framework). Sub-contracted through Cayuse Technologies, I programmed and upgraded various applications. Received several large projects and occasionally maintained documentation as needed based on user requirements.

ColdFusion Programmer | Travel Solutions | Columbus, OH. - Dec 2007 – Apr 2009
  • ColdFusion 8 (MS SQL 2005 and Fusebox Framework). I upgraded and wrote secure applications for the member portal. We implemented CFCs (ColdFusion Components) into the member portal for easier coding and reusability. This also helped ensure the highest security, the fastest performance while using the least amount of resources.

ColdFusion Programmer | Grand Traverse Resort & Casino´s | Suttons Bay, MI. | Jun 2006 – Dec 2007
  • Lead programmer ( and trained the Newsletter Department in web administration, CS3, HTML, and CSS. I was in charge of the data backup system and recovering strategies. My role was also a systems technician which included Networking, Software, PC, Printer, Core Systems for The Grand Traverse Resort, The Leelanau Sands Casino; and, the Turtle Creek Casino. Maintained software guidelines/regulation standards and documented applications. Represented the IT Department on a management level and identified areas where existing policies and procedures required change.

ColdFusion Programmer / Contract Work | AT&T | Mount Clemens, MI. - Mar 2006 – Jun 2006
  • Programmed ColdFusion applications using MS SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Concentrated on enhancing AT&T´s current ColdFusion applications for upper management and executives. Maintained Internet Explorer compatibility and ensured appropriate software testing. Maintained documentation as needed based on user requirements.

ColdFusion Programmer / Contract Work | Zondervan | Grand Rapids, MI. - Jan 2006 – Mar 2006
  • Programmed ColdFusion applications using MS SQL, HTML, CSS, and, JavaScript. Developed the online employee application process using a vision statement as a basis. Used complex JavaScript and guidelines to create and implement an online application form for upcoming employees.

Business Owner | The Internet Web Firm | Lake Leelanau, MI. | Dec 2001 – Jan 2006
  • Performed ColdFusion programming and web design (through ColdFusion, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MS SQL, and MS Access). Maintained a small website clientele, including hosting, custom administrative control panels, email setup, and domain name purchases, until all clientele had been dropped or transferred. Boosted website visibility through SEO and ensured cross-browser compatibility using W3C compliance. Researched competitive strategies and prepared clients for future needs/plans/strategies. Provided consultation for technical guidance. Offered computer services for hardware, software, printers, networking, etc.
  • Ferris State University | Bachelor Degree in Computer Information Systems | Jan 2000 – Jan 2005
  • Self–study | ACE Certified ColdFusion Developer (Adobe Certification)
Eric Korson: (541) 969-0099 (Cellular) Resume download: Word VersionPDF Version