.NET Framework
(By Eric Korson)


VB (Visual Basic).Net

Bear Hunt

My Visual Basic.Net prize winning program. This program is sound animated while you hunt for bears.

Make sure you select "Game", then "Start".

Download Size: 1.75 MB


Roman Numbers

Following the roman number mythology, this program displays the numbers in both English and Roman Numerals

Download Size: 64 KB


Fast Food Restaurants
(Database required)

As you can see, I am running off of a database in this picture. I didn't list the link because you have to establish a connection first.


Business Simulation

Another data base program that was a bit bigger then anticipated. Ask me for this program if you would like to view it. Its far from finished.

Enlarge Image


Clock It

A little clock program that I wrote to clock speed.
When you hit "clock it", it will record the time

Download Size: 44 KB

C++ .NET

C++ Applications will be emailed upon request.

I created three small C++ Dos Applications that are executables. For security purposes, you should never click on an executable file and run it if it´s not from a trusted source. If you would like to view these applications, please contact me and I will email them to you.
  • Linked List - A collection of objects, stored in a list form. My prize program using the "Push" and "Pop" (Dos Version).
  • Stack Collection - Represents a simple last-in-first-out collection of objects (Dos Version).
  • Dog Program - Create an animal and speak to it, using arrays, searching, and collecting data (Dos Version).

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